Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Lights Are On But...

It's tragic being a girl working in an office full of techy guys. All day long Pickle Cookie is subjected to guy sights, like a workbench strewn with computer parts,pieces, screws and tiny tools; guy sounds, like you might hear at a petting zoo if it were a zoo populated by virtual livestock; and guy smells, like six day old Chinese food simmering in a funk of screen cleaner and compressed air.

Pickle Cookie has never been a girly-girl and has no desire to have coordinating pink pleather desk accessories. She is not expected to make the coffee unless she is the one drinking it. But still, a change of venue is appreciated.

While the boys are out of the office making computer owners happy, Pickle Cookie will be working at the call center {formerly known as "the dining room"}. The call center has climate control, a view of the back yard, and smells like cookies, because there are cookies in the oven right now.

Also? The call center is not lonely, which the office often is when the boys are out doing their jobs. Today the four-footed supervisors will keep Pickle Cookie company.

Ahhh. Pickle Cookie appreciates a work environment that includes baked goods and puppies!

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